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Totally and Completely Satisfied

I am totally and completely satisfied with the services Attorney Stephens provided. My case happened over two years ago and was looked at by another law firm that strung me along for over a year. Upon meeting Attorney Stephens that next year, I was skeptical because I had already been turned away. However, he was very diligent about closing my case. I was happy with the results that were provided. I recommend his services to any and all


Great Experience

Attorney Erwin Mark Stephens was very professional. My husband and I had a great experience. Attorney Stephens went above and beyond to get us the best settlement possible. Whenever we called or emailed, he always returned our message asap in a timely manner. I definitely would refer him to others. Very satisfied!

-Mr. and Mrs. Terra Thomas

Dedicated Attorney

Erwin Stephens is a great, dependable, and dedicated attorney. Mr. Stephens is knowledgeable about law and will be upfront and honest to help you manage expectations of your case. Mr. Stephens is also empathetic. He will call and check on you while you are going through treatment for your injury. He was able to get the most for my case and will do the same for you.

-Tiffany Whidby

Helpful, Caring and Concerned

Attorney Stephens was very helpful, caring and concerned from start to finish. He's also very professional. When Morgan and Morgan wouldn't pick my case back up, he was recommended for me to reach out to and it was definitely a success! He came through for me when I needed it. God bless!

-Chauncey Williams

Patient and Honest

He knows his stuff and works very hard to make sure that you get the service/care you need from day one. I had never been in an accident and didn’t know how low down the insurance game was and was glad to have Mr. Stephens as my attorney. I choose him based off his reviews and it was the best decisions I could have made. He got me in a treatment center within hours of speaking to me and made sure that I focused on getting better while he focused on EVERYTHING else. Every question I had (and I had a ton of questions) he answered, with patience and honesty. He walked me through the process of “how it works and why” at every step and I am grateful for this because it calmed my nerves and allowed me to take comfort in the unknown because he showed me that he had my best interest at the forefront and his position never changed. As much as I disliked the process of being in an accident , at least I know who to call if I ever need him again.

-Shari Belcher

Great Customer Service

The best accident attorney in Atlanta with great customer service and even better business transparency.

-John Neely