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What To Do After A Car Accident To Maximize The Value Of Your Personal Injury Claim

1. Understand that the actions that you take immediately after the car collision will affect the amount of money you recover from the insurance company.

2. Call 911 if you or any of your passengers are injured and ask for an ambulance if someone is hurt. Please note that it is better to error on the side of caution when deciding whether to call for emergency medical attention. Also, remember that police dispatch is more likely to send an officer to the accident scene if there are injuries reported.

3. While you wait for the authorities to arrive to the scene, get the other driver's information and write it down. Make sure you get the other driver's telephone number, the driver's license information including the state of issuance and license number, and the insurance policy information.

4. Never admit fault at the accident scene or offer to pay for any property damage or medical treatment. While this gesture is kind, these actions might be misconstrued as guilt and might put subjective notions in the other driver's mind that you are at fault.

5. Take pictures of the accident scene and the damage done to both cars. Don't forget to include the position of the cars, any automobile debris in the road, broken glass, deployed airbags, skid marks and any blood found inside or outside of your car.

6. Talk to any witnesses and ask them about what they witnessed. Even if their recollections are unfavorable to your position, politely get their contact information including names, telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses.

7. Make sure that the officer who arrives to the accident scene writes an accident report, and tell him of any injuries that anyone feels or is starting to feel. It is important to not be a hero at this moment and tell the officer that you are definitely not hurt. This is because in many instances the body sends endorphins to the brain immediately after a traumatic event to mask pain. However, after the endorphins wear off, pain can show up in the body within hours, in the morning, or when sitting or standing in different positions for long periods of time.

8. Go home and document any physical damage to your body by taking plenty of pictures. Include any bleeding, cuts, scrapes, burns, seatbelt burns on the neck, and bruises. It is critical to document any of these conditions because you suffered through the pain and you deserve to be compensated by the insurance company for every bit of it!

9. Call an experienced personal injury attorney and get a consultation if there were injuries because of your car accident.

Going it alone against big insurance is a game you cannot win. You will not get a fair settlement if you do not have experienced legal representation!